11 July 2019

Balance, Responsibility, Respect

The environment has always been important to us, and we know that it's important for you too. Our choices have a significant impact on the health of our planet, so we're going that extra mile to ensure we use producers and packaging that respect the environment. This is part of the natural balance we strive to achieve and lies at the very heart of Lagom.

The Origins of Our Paper

Our paper is made by James Cropper, a British Mill situated in the Lake District and they have been making paper for over 170 years. Sustainability is key to their production, and they are pioneers of paper technology. Waste paper is fed back into the process, and the water used leaves the mill in a cleaner state than when it arrived. Not only are we reducing air miles by using a British company but we are also proud to work with manufacturers that are striving to make a difference.

"From the raw materials we use and the energy we consume, the people we employ, the communities we support and which, in turn, support our organisation – sustainability will continue to provide the stable platform for future growth." James Cropper

For further information about their environmental policies.

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Printing & Ink

We endeavour to keep the spirit of print alive, bringing you colour in the most sustainable way possible. Our printers use vegetable-based printing inks, using chemical-free processes and biodegradable thermal lamination.

Small Batch Products

Our buyers are always on the lookout for small-batch makers who not only make beautiful things but do so with the environment in mind.

Image Copyright - Farmers' Welsh Lavender

From Farmers' creams created in Mynydd Epynt on a Lavender farm in the Welsh Hillside of the Cumbrian Mountains, 100 % Beeswax, non-toxic candles handmade in Lithuania or blankets hand-woven in the Irish County of Donegal, we do our best to bring you the most sustainable products we can find.


With many species of plants and animals facing the threat of extinction, we are proud of our connection with The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew who do vital conservation work for plant species. We also work with Zoo Portraits who educate the public about endangered species and support wildlife conservation projects.

Making a Difference at Lagom HQ

Here at Lagom HQ, we try as hard as possible to make our daily lives as green as possible. We use recycled toilet paper, naturally produced, fully washed coffee beans, a cleaning company who only use green products and a paper recycling company. These are just some of the changes we've made and we are always on the look out for cleaner and greener ways to enjoy office life.

But it doesn't stop in the office, all of our staff have made little changes in their daily lives to help to reduce their carbon footprint and help the environment. Here are some of their top tips.

Natalie - "I was horrified of the amount of cotton wool I was using to remove my make-up so I made the change to cotton wipes that can be washed and used again. I also use Bamboo cloths to clean the house."

Image copyright - Oktomi-Jaya

Shivraj - " I've always used eco products to do my cleaning throughout the house as well as old fashioned solutions like white vinegar.  I don't buy plastic storage anymore and am increasingly using glass for my kitchen storage. "

Glass canisters by Kinto

Connor - "Many of our team members walk to work or use public transport. I love cycling to work and clock up about 50 miles a week."

Michelle - "I planted an urban garden outside my front door to encourage insects and bees and they came. It's a great feeling."

A Banded White-Tailed Bumble Bee Enjoying the Nasturtiums

Kelly - "In an effort to become more self sufficient, I grow my own fruit and vegetables. It cuts down on air miles and packaging and tastes amazing!"