Lagom is a Swedish word that describes the feeling when something has ‘perfect balance’ or is ‘just right’. We believe that this word perfectly embodies our ethos, our desire to capture the magical state of something that is ‘just right’. This may be difficult to attain, but when you do, something inside tells you it's Lagom.

Lagom Design was established in Paris in April 2007 with the aim of placing a renewed focus on quality in print and design. No electronic medium can replicate the tactile joy of a beautiful greeting card, the feel of the card in your hands or the soft sound of opening it. There is nothing better than a personal handwritten card and creating the perfect one for you to send is still so important to us.

From humble beginnings, Lagom has grown into an international business and has crafted paper products for over 22 countries worldwide. We apply the Lagom philosophy to all the gifts, greetings cards, stationery, gift-wrap, prints and textiles we create and sell.

The Lagom name is distinguishable by the quality of its premium products.To get things ‘just right’ we believe that you need expertise, creativity and dedication. When we are sourcing gifts, we seek out contemporary and traditional makers from across the world who share our passion for simple design and excellent craftsmanship. Be they woven, cast, blended by hand or just exquisitely designed, our in-house buying team use their trained eye and experience to discover the best products international makers have to offer.

The result is products that are well conceived, thoughtful, individual, beautifully tactile, collectable and cherished. Products that are hand-picked to be 'just' right for Lagom Design.