Sundae Kids are a creative duo based in Bangkok. Comprised of two graphic designers, Pratchaya and Kavin, they work across various media, including illustrations, comics, graphic novels and animations. Having worked with the likes of Casetify, Muji, and Valentino, their designs have been winning hearts across the globe.

Take a look into the Sundae Kids world, as told by them.

Can you tell us about your work and the inspiration behind it?

When people think of us, they will think of our comics. We create lots of them regularly, mostly about everyday life, so the inspirations behind them come from everywhere. Some are from real-life experiences, some are from the stories we've heard, and some are from music, movies, and books.

Can you tell us more about your design background?

We are a duo, Pratchaya and Kavin. We both studied Graphic design at the same University, and that was when we started Sundae Kids. I started then and continued to do so until today. Kavin went to work at a graphic house for about six months before he quit and did Sundae Kids with me full-time. It's been almost nine years since we started.

First thing you’d grab in a fire?

I would grab my Laptop, where I keep all of my work and, probably, my favourite dolls!

What is your favourite restaurant?

Our favourite restaurant would be ThongSmith, a Thai boat noodles restaurant. If you have never tried boat noodles, you should start from here. Boat noodles are made from blood (which might sound scary), making the broth rich and tasty. Another favourite restaurant is Greyhound Cafe. Greyhound started as a fashion brand, then they extended and had a restaurant called Greyhound Cafe, a fusion of Thai food with a twist. The decoration and atmosphere of the restaurant is also very nice.

What is your favourite store?

We don't have one particular store, but we like Chatuchak market. It's a huge market where we can find good vintage pieces Kavin got a Baracuta leather Jacket for 10$ crazy, right?

What are your favourite things about your neighbourhood?

Where we're living is quite convenient. We have everything around my place: the food, malls, night markets, etc. We can find food 24/7, and we love that! Also, it's not in the middle of the city so the traffic isn't too bad.

If you could relocate anywhere, where would you choose?

We're relocating to New York soon. We like New York because we always say it's like an upgraded version of Bangkok with many more opportunities and inspirations.

Who's your favourite artist?

My favourite is Adrian Tomine. I really like his style and his storytelling. Kavin's favourite would be his old boss, who is a designer. He is also a good family man. He's like a Thai David Bowie.

Have you made any recent purchases that you're excited about?

Our vintage clothing. We're always excited when the package arrives, and we get to see if the items we ordered look exactly like the pictures. We like vintage and second-hand clothing because you can get a one-of-a-kind piece for a reasonable price, and it is also good for the environment.

What advice would you offer to aspiring artists?

Practice a lot, keep learning, and don't give up.

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