December is upon us, and the Christmas spirit has taken over at the Lagom x HOLD HQ. While we're not at the point of singing carols quite yet, we are enjoying sharing our plans for this festive season and reminiscing over the years gone past.

Let us share with you how we do Christmas, the Ho Ho HOLD way.

What’s at the top of your wishlist this year?

Pistacchiotto Pistachio Chocolates by D.Barbero. If you're a fan of chocolate, you must try these pistachio chocolates, which come in a fabulous vintage-style tin. They are the perfect treat to enjoy with your morning espresso and will leave you craving more.” Kelly, Creative Director

Snoopy Wooden Figure by Boyhood. It adds a touch of the comic universe to my living space, aligning with my desire for a beagle. Limited space rules out a real dog for now, so the wooden Snoopy lets me bring that beagle charm home.” Chris, Store Manager

Gold Stud Earrings by Kei Tominaga. I love simplicity of these earrings and the way the light catches the textured gold is lovely.” Holly N, Buyer

What are you gifting to your nearest and dearest?

Mini Secateurs by Niwaki. My wife has amassed a ton of indoor plants in recent years, and the compact size of these makes them perfect for her growing indoor garden.” Chris, Store Manager

Swimmers Print by Fine Little Day. My sister is an avid wild sea swimmer and would love this print. All the swimmers look like they're having a lovely time, and it would definitely make her smile!” Holly N, Buyer

What are you giving your secret Santa?

Mimi Dachshund Earplugs by Kaiko. These are both fun and practical, plus who doesn't love sausage dogs?” Kelly, Creative Director

Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox. Everyone needs a Swiss army knife for life everyday adventures!” Holly N, Buyer

Striped Cotton Socks by A World of Craft. Everyone jokes about getting socks for Christmas, but I think they're a great gift! Not only do these look fab, but they're sustainably made, too, which makes them even better.” Holly C, Web Content

What's your favourite Christmas treat?

Grissini Ricoperti by D.Barbero. These are, in my opinion, the best breadsticks in the world. They evoke memories of my early years in Hong Kong when my parents frequently bought me 'choco fingers'.” Chris, Store Manager

Boxing Day Favourites Set by Rosebud Preserves. When it comes to a roast dinner, it's all about the condiments for me, the more, the better! This will certainly see me through the many, many roast potatoes I'll be eating.” Holly C, Web Content

Something for Christmas Day

Recycled Wool Blanket by Tartan Blanket Co. While watching Elf, I'll be snuggled up on the sofa with a loved one and a furry friend, wrapped in this beautiful blanket.” Kelly, Creative Director

Tumbling Tower by Printworks. We always play games at Christmas time, and Tumbling Tower is great game for all ages!” Holly N, Buyer

Champagne Saucers by Ferm Living. In my household, we always drink Bucks Fizz on Christmas morning, and these Champagne Saucers are the perfect way to upgrade that tradition!” Holly C, Web Content

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