Welcome Baby Boy
Big Pink Balloon
I'm Always Here For You
With Heartfelt Sympathy
You're My Favourite Person
Born Awesome
Happy Birthday Fine Fella
Small Card Big Thanks
Oodles of Love and Gratitude
Fabulous Love
I Love You So Matcha
Free Birthday Hugs With This Card
Happy Anniversary
Happy Birthday Pretty Lady
A Trillion Gold Stars, Well Done
Cozy New Home
I Salute Your Oldness
Lot's of Love
Happy Birthday
Big Congrats
Love of My Life
Big Thank You
To My Most Cherished Friend
Sending Love to my Birthday Bestie
You're Still Hot! It Just Comes in Flushes
Happy Birthday Brilliant Boy
Let's Celebrate the Best Decision We Ever Made
I'm Not Just a Card, I'm a Fan for Hot Flushes
Thank You for Being My Anchor in This Stormy Sea of Life
Super Star Legend
Sorry! The Menopause Made Me Do It
I Miss Your Face

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