Happy Anniversary Beautiful
I Love The Birthday Girl
I Fucking Adore You
You're The Oat Milk To My Flat White
Courage Is Your Superpower
Fuck! How Old?!
Happy Birthday, Hope You're Busy Relaxing
One Billion Wishes
This Card Contains Magical Powers
Nice New Pad
Welcome Tiny Friend
I Love The Birthday Boy
Loving You Is My Superpower
I Love You More Than Chocolate
You've Made Another Year
Time To Open The Fizz
Cake, Bubbles And Laughter
You're As Fine As A Vintage Wine
Happy Birthday Mate
Still As Handsome As Ever
You're All Of These Beautiful Colours
Happy Birthday Cocktail Queen
A Little Note To Say
A Card Full Of Kindness And Cuddles
You're Sunshine On A Rainy Day
You're A Fucking Legend
How Wonderful You Are
You Sparkle Like A Diamond
You're The Coke To My Jack Daniels
We Miss You So Much
Birthday Chic
Birthday Cocktails
You Are My Sunshine
Mama Rocks
Papa Rocks
Hey Cutie
Lots Of Love
I Would Climb A Mountain For You
Get Well Soon
Happy Flower
Yes You Can
Hip Hip Hooray
You Brighten Up My Day
You're Very Lovely
Love Ya
Kisses And Cuddles
Hello Baby

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