This year marks the twelfth anniversary of our original mini-card range, Cherished. Designed by Lagom Design founder and Creative Director Kelly Hyatt in 2012, Cherished has become almost synonymous with the Lagom brand and what it stands for, the concept of something being 'just right'.

“I first designed the Cherished mini card collection in 2001. At that time, a plain colour background with text felt too simplistic for a card collection, so the idea stayed stored on my computer, awaiting the right moment. That moment came in 2012 when I launched the range.”

From humble beginnings, Cherished has grown into an iconic collection with hundreds of sincere, heartfelt, and funny sentiments in a rainbow of colours.

“Today, Cherished boasts over four hundred designs and continues to grow and evolve. Its success, I believe, lies in its simplicity. The classic sans-serif font by the renowned Hoefler&Co, combined with the reduced size and thoughtfully crafted titles, adds to its charm.”

“I now see many publishers launching ‘mini’ card collections using titles I created for Cherished — ‘You Are Pure Gold’, ‘Small Card, Big Thank You’ to name just a few. Although it’s somewhat annoying, I know they can’t compete with the pure magic of Cherished.”

These pocket-sized treasures measure less than an A6 piece of paper and are proof that good things come in small packages. Whether you're looking for a pick-me-up after a bad day, celebrating a big birthday, or passing on a note of thanks, there’s a sentiment for every occasion. Cherished always has the words to say, even if you don’t.

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