10 July 2017

POP, Boom Bang, Hooray - we're 10!

It's been ten years since I launched our first collection for Lagom from my small apartment in Paris. Over the past decade we've worked hard to build and maintain the business and Lagom has grown slowly and organically, insisting on excellence in design and materials from the very start. From our offices in Hove, East Sussex, we are now an international business supplying over 32 countries worldwide.

People say that I am too humble, but my philosophy is that nobody achieves anything worth having on their own. Over the last ten years, I have had the good fortune to work with some of the most talented artists and designers, loyal suppliers, distributors and manufacturers to create cards and gifts of quality that have helped establish Lagom as a well liked and trusted brand. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help, I couldn't have done it without you.


The story of Lagom began in a bijou, Parisian apartment in the 16th arrondissement close to the River Seine. The name Lagom was inspired by the Swedish philosophy of living in balance, of things being 'just right'. It is perfectly fitting therefore, that our first ever collection was created by Swedish artist Hanna Werning. Ten years on and Hanna is still producing stunning designs and has been joined by a further 44 artists, designers and makers. All of our artists are special to us and add something unique to Lagom, helping our brand to continue to inspire, delight and please our customers worldwide.

We are well known for our design based cards, but words have been important to us from the very beginning. I loved the idea of a card range where the focus was on a simple word or phrase set against a plain coloured background.

Back then I didn’t think anyone would buy a card with just a word in the middle of it, but now they will because it goes right to the heart of the emotional connection cards can make. Making this connection has been a core value of our business, be it through patterns, illustrations, or words.


Not long after Lagom was created, the economy experienced a devastating crash. It was a worrying time for business but Lagom not only survived, we continued to flourish. I noticed a real shift in mindset during this period. It is as though there has been a change in people and their emotions since 2008 and I was reminded of the importance of relationships which greeting cards help to cement. Taking the time to choose a card, writing a loving sentiment inside and sealing it in an envelope, create an experience that cannot be replicated online. The tactile nature of opening an envelope and reading a message written in a loved one's hand, is a sharing of sentiment that has been with us for generations. In times of crisis and uncertainty this becomes a comforting and uplifting act.


At Lagom we have embraced the online world since the very beginning and we take great care to make sure that the quality of our content matches the excellence of our products. We work with incredible stylists and photographers from Copenhagen and London to create tableaus that really evoke the spirit and philosophy of Lagom. It's important to us that our website is not only a pleasing visual experience, but that it is easy to navigate, allowing you to really enjoy our products. With the use of good design, we work hard to achieve a constant art style, ensuring that our brand identity remains strong, allowing visitors to experience a calm and smooth online experience.

At Lagom we take great pride in taking time to do things with care, things that are not always financially motivated but that demonstrate our integrity and commitment to keeping the spirit of print alive.

Our Lagom Journal is a celebration of artists, designers and craftspeople and of the history of print as both as an art form and means of heartfelt emotional communication. We are genuinely passionate about these things and a few years back we employed a writer to research and write long form articles on topics that are close to our heart. In a world of instant communication, clickbait and superficiality, we wanted to give our customers something to savour.

It was also around this time that people began questioning throw away consumerism, and began to have more respect for things that were made with love and craftsmanship. There was a real move towards things that were made to last which really resonated with Lagom's drive for excellence in everything we do. From the quality and feel of the paper to the standard of printing, the perfect finish that can only be achieved by people who take care and have worked hard to perfect their craft. From the paper made by Munken Mill on the banks of the river Orekil in Sweden, the craftspeople who flock and foil our cards to our paper merchants G.F Smith, we'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who helps us create cards and wrap that are infused with quality and care.


But it's not just online that consumers that can enjoy our love of print and design. Over the years we have worked with some great independent stores, museums V&A & MoMA, department stores Liberty & Selfridges and quality chains John Lewis & Paperchase. Thank you for your support and giving a home to our very special gift wrap and cards.