07 June 2022

Happy Birthday to Us

It's been fifteen years since I launched our first collection for Lagom from my small apartment in Paris. Since the beginning, Lagom has grown slowly and organically, insisting on excellence in design and materials from the very start.

Since I founded Lagom Design in 2007, we have all faced both jubilant and testing times. Recession, global pandemic, war, advancing climate change and the fast, exponential growth of digital communications, which now dominates most of our lives. Yet, though much has changed, I still feel that sending a thoughtful message is more important now than ever before. And this inspires me to grow and nurture Lagom forward to the next decade in the hope that the younger generation understands the importance of slowing down and putting ink to paper too.

"A big reason why I have continued to work with Lagom is that there is a genuine desire to create really nice and valuable printed matter of a quality that you want to share, collect and preserve. The feeling of holding a Lagom card in your hands is both visual and tactile. I like that Kelly is not content with a colourful picture on a simple piece of paper."

Hanna Werning - the first designer to create a collection for Lagom Design

A New Office

Moving back to the UK and getting our own Lagom office was exciting. For me, it felt that the company was really taking off. I loved our rickety office in Lewes, where the whole team sat around one large desk. We're now based in the bohemian, North Laine in Brighton. It's a really creative place to work

The Cherished Range

Launched in 2014, our simple yet punchy Cherished collection is our signature range. Printed in a rainbow of colours, the range now consists of 224 cards, with more to be added in the June launch. When I created the Cherished range, people didn't believe that you could sell a simple, coloured card with just words on, and now they're our bestsellers. I've always gone with my instinct.

Your Top Five Cherished Cards

1 - Small Card Big Thank You
2 - Love Hearts
3 - Little Card Big Hug
4 - I'm Not Just a Card I'm a Hug With a Fold In It
5 - Happy Birthday Beautiful

"Happy Birthday Lagom! Thank you for your continued support not just to me but many others and here's to 15 more years of beautiful work!"

Ryan Chapman

"Lagom made it possible to share my designs around the world and give you the opportunity to send a fun card that brings a smile to someone else's face too ;)"

Paul Fuentes

Our Very Own paper

Moving our paper production to the UK was so important for sustainability, and having our unique paper, Lagom White, made for us was the icing on the cake. Based in the Lake District, James Cropper's are a heritage industry using cutting edge technology to ensure that its production methods are as sustainable as possible.

"Working with Lagom was so refreshing. I was given real creative space and respect which is rare. It meant I felt trusted and valued which always helps me to create my best work."

Anna Glover

Kew Gardens

We've worked with designers from the very beginning but, in recent years, have had the privilege of collaborating with creative companies who are the best at what they do. Working with Kew Gardens and having access to their archive of botanical drawings was an honour.

You! Because you still give us a reason to smile.

People say that I am too humble, but my philosophy is that nobody achieves anything worth having on their own. Over the last fifteen years, I have had the good fortune to work with some of the most talented artists and designers, loyal suppliers, distributors and manufacturers to create cards and gifts of quality that have helped establish Lagom as a well-liked, trusted brand. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help; we couldn't have done it without you.