08 June 2022

Father's Day 2022 Style

Clean Not Mean

In 1989, the 80s man loved a splash of aftershave, and the scent of choice would have been Drakka Noir. Accompanied by a sexist marketing campaign full of beefcakes and babes, the scent promised to lure in the women, giving 80s dad, let's call him Martin, sex appeal in a 200ml bottle. His son, 20s chap, let's call him Ben, no longers needs such promises and is comfortable enough with his sexuality to experiment with gentler, herbal notes. Smelling clean and fresh is key here, and although he may have used his father's Lynx Africa as a teenager, he's moved on to a more holistic, organic range.

In Touch with His Sweet Side

Giving chocolates to your mother or girlfriend is a traditional custom, a signal of love, romance and courting. Martin probably wouldn't have received a box of truffles in the 80s, as though chocolate was a women's weakness. Marketing executives came up with the concept of a Yorkie bar, a masculine chuck of chocolate whose tagline was 'It's not for girls' alongside other shocking headers that we don't want to repeat here. But Ben likes chocolate, and after experimenting with chilli chocolate, he now feels comfortable with a wide variety of cocoa products. Chocolate has now become a go-to gift for dads, accompanied by a brace of craft beers.

The Man Bag

Although men have worn bags throughout history, pouches to carry coins, knapsacks during wartime and briefcases for white-collar work, Martin would possibly have been ridiculed for carrying anything that resembled a woman's handbag. In fact, Martin and his friends would have been so worried about looking feminine that they would rather have used a plastic bag than show a lack of interest in fashionable accessories. Ben however, has more stuff to carry: smartphone, laptop, water bottle.... all these new gadgets need a bag, and it is now rare to see a man without some kind of bag or tote. They add style and elegance to an outfit, and the catwalks and red carpets are awash with new styles and variations for men.

A Man's Place is in the Kitchen

In the UK, we've all gone cooking mad! Programmes like Masterchef are popular with all genders, and food items and kitchen accessories are now acceptable gifts. Be they a Ben or a Martin; everyone likes a sharp knife when chopping their five a day. If they don't have a sweet tooth, fiery sauces, oaky vinegars or gourmet crackers are always a winner.

Over the last three decades, binary gender divisions have become less rigid, and non-gendered gift-giving is on the rise. This father's day it's now ok to spoil him with chocolates, foodie items and things that smell nice. So wether your dad's a Martin or you are buying for new dad Ben, it's ok to spoil them. Word is out, they like nice things too.

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