Up Close With
Dawid Ryski

This month we get up close and personal with Dawid Ryski, a polish illustrator and musician, responsible for some of our kookiest and much-loved cards. Dawid spent his youth listening to hardcore punk and skateboarding, describing his work as “street art meets illustration.” His lifestyle and love of music have fused, leading him to produce album covers for Franz Ferdinand, Bob Dylan and Kasabian. He began designing in black and white using only pencil and fine-liner, before moving to Photoshop and colour.

Dawid also works as an illustrator for books, newspapers and magazines across Europe and in 2014 he illustrated one of our favourite books 'alphabetics' for Little Gestalten. His work is stylish and fun with a twist of nostalgia and a nod to surrealism, communist propaganda and tattoo art. There's no mistaking the work of Dawid Ryski, but let's hear from the man himself.

We know that you love both music and art but what was your earliest ambition?
"To be a fireman like my father, grandfather and uncles."
We know that you still love music and play with your band 'The Feral Trees, but what sort of music do you like to listen too, what is playing on your music player today?
"I’m currently listening to 'DIIV', last album from Black Moutains and Lee Fields."
You are also inspired by digital media, do you have a favourite website?
"Probably discogs."
We know it is difficult to choose, but who are your favourite artists, who inspires you?
"I like a lot old European artists like Alain Gree, Miroslav Sasek and Polish master Janusz Stanny."
You currently live in Puławy Poland, is home your favourite city, or is there another city that is special to you?
"Maybe Haarlem / Netherlands? It's a very quiet and peaceful town with good spirit."
You have illustrated books, so were interested to know what books you read. What book are you reading today?
"Some publishers ordered from me a cover to the Polish edition of Ben Fountains book: Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. I'm reading a draft now."
Most artists love to collect things as objects often inspire their work, what is your most recent find?
"Maybe not the most recent but one of the latest: DIY flag by Pippa Toole.”
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