Astierde Villatte

A cross between a victorian seance and a Pre - Raph painting, the Astierde Villate website is a thing to behold. In this mysterious world , the menu emerges as tarot cards from a crystal ball and the location of their stockists must me discovered on a rotating globe. Astierde Villate are a French company who peddle their wares across the world, from Paris to Moscow, the middle east to Fukuoka, Japan. This site is a veritable cornucopia of elixirs, glassware, furniture and beauty products. You could spend hours browsing here, but our favourite product is an insider's guide to Paris 'Ma Vie à Paris', printed in the form of a novel to disguise your tourist status. If you are staying closer to home, Liberty of London now stock their luxury incense, candles and soaps - all beautifully packaged and scented with the smells of exotic locations.

Connor McNally

Author: Connor McNally

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