In The Digital Era


'It’s encouraging to see a growing vigour in independent retailers across the UK. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the customer both needs and wants to be present when shopping for some items, as well as having online...

The History of Print
Part Two: The History of Paper


We take it for granted, but paper surrounds us in an endless variety of useful and decorative forms. From the humble loo roll to precious b...

Alan Kitching

Bold, contemporary, traditional and sometimes challenging, Alan Kitching has been working with typography for six decades. Using wood and metal lette...

Seven Stars Train Cruise

In contrast to the high-tech bullet trains so characteristic of Modern Japan, the Seven Stars Kyushu 'train cruise' is the height of slow travel, bri...

Kronenhalle Restaurant

On Rämistrasse 4, at the corner of Bellevue in Zurich sits the Restaurant Kronenhalle. Established in 1924 by Hulda and Gottlieb Zumsteg it became a ...

The History of Print
Part One: Keeping The Spirit of Print Alive


Printing is the physical expression of ideas, concepts and dreams. The history of print is the story of a craft, a trade, an industry, and a way of life....

Wood and Woven
Honest & Simple

Alex has been making things his whole life and practices a simple, honest approach to design. He believes that objects made by machines are products ...

Hotel Briol

Located in The Asarco Valley in Barbiano - Tre Chiese Italy, the Hotel Briol is one of the last Bauhaus style buildings left in the Alps. Designed by...

Zhang Jia Wu
Street Photography

Beautifully melancholy with slashes of piercing colour. Such an eye for design and emotion in equal measure. Simply enchanting.

Matthieu Venot

French photographer Matthieu Venot, celebrates the architecture of Brest in Southern France. He creates abstract images, full of light, pastels and d...

Bellocq Tea

In a quiet corner of Brooklyn you will find Bellocq, a Tea Atelier who has spent the last six years sourcing and blending the finest teas and botanic...

Ottmanngut Suite and Breakfast
South Tyrol, Italy

Ottmanngut is an old country residence set at the foot of a verdant and abundant hillside, just outside the city gates of Merano in Northern Italy. S...

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