11 March 2020

Ugly is the New Beautiful

Grim is the Danish word for ugly and their fruit and veg boxes are filled with mishappen, crooked, spotted and 'imperfect veg'. It doesn't sound appetising, but all the veg is organic, sustainable and perfectly nutritious. So what's the appeal of nobbly potatoes and bent carrots?

Fresh and nutritious is so often associated with glossy, perfectly formed veg and supermarkets reinforce this message by refusing to stock imperfect looking produce. Globally this has a massive impact, with 28% of the world's arable land being used for farming food we will never eat. To put this into perspective, around 25% of all apples grown in the UK are rejected on cosmetic grounds.  Not only is this grossly unethical due to famine in parts of the world, it is also highly damaging to our environment. 

Grim decided to tackle this problem head-on and with a group of volunteers, they set up the first exclusively 'ugly' veg box in Denmark. They work with farmers, cutting out the middleman enabling them to pay a fair price for lovely, organic produce. They also keep the packaging to a minimum, filling reusable wooden boxes with seasonal fruit and veg. Their delivery method is also sustainable, and customers can pick up their order from a central location or have their box delivered to their doorstep by bike.

Eat ugly, be beautiful - it's the future of the planet. 

For details of Veg box schemes in the UK visit the Soil Association for further information.