24 October 2019

Tim Walker - Creator of Wonderful Things

British Photographer Tim Walker started his working life in the basement of Vogue House as an intern at just 17. At 25 he shot his first fashion shoot for Vogue, and he's been creating sumptuous stories ever since. 

"As a young photographer, my first simple imaginings gradually became enormously complicated fantasies. I'd stop at nothing to drive them into a 35mm film canister - the more impossible the better. I was so in love with the fairyland I was dragging up from my subconscious." Tim Walker - Wonderful Things Exhibition

Fashion photographers use beautiful women and exotic locations to promote fashion ranges every day, so what's different about Tim Walker? It's his ability to produce a sense of wonder. The viewer does not simply want to buy the clothes or be the model, they want to be transported to that place, feel those feelings and enter the fairytale.

He captures lost worlds and recreates imaginary ones - the people and places of Roald Dahl's poems and novels, far away places on the edge of decay.

All images for Vogue by Tim Walker

Carefully constructed and meticulously executed, Tim Walker's pictures are works of art. - It's no wonder that he was chosen to exhibit at the V & A. The result is an exhibition called Tim Walker: Wonderful Things.

Visitors are invited to " Dive into the imagination of one of the world's most creative photographers." As well as an exhibition of some of Walker's most exceptional portraits, he spent hours truffling through their archives, choosing inspirational pieces to inform a new series of photos, especially for the exhibition. With immersive sets and images that have never been seen before it's like entering a dream of exquisite beauty. Each room of the exhibition is a theatrical masterpiece, each room a different dream. Immerse yourself; it's a delicious and sensual treat. 

Tim Walker: Wonderful Things
Runs until March 2020
V & A Museum, London.