31 July 2019

The Bird in Borrowed Feathers

Hellen van Meene is an exceptional talent whose images are beautiful, raw and intriguing. Her style is reminiscent of the Dutch masters; the way she uses light, her choice of simple backgrounds.

Her portraits are indeed fine pieces of art, but they go much deeper than that. 'The Bird in Borrowed Feathers' examines the fragility of girls in between childhood and puberty, the space in which they are trying to create their own identity.

It can be a frightening and confusing place, and so they are often accompanied by loyal pets, consistent friends in their changing emotional and physical landscapes.

These photographs capture girls on the cusp, a precious time that she treats with empathy and tenderness, they are truly magical. 

All images copyright Helen van Meene

'The Bird in Borrowed Feathers' runs until 3rd August 2019 at the James Freeman Gallery in London