17 July 2017

Takahashi Hiroko

Famed for her monochrome patterns, Takahashi Hiroko is also a master of traditional crafts such as dyeing, weaving and engraving. Her work is a fusion of the old and new, her bold and simple patterns cut a striking dash when they are printed onto a traditional, silk kimono.

Working from her studio in Tokyo’s Oshiage district, alongside a grocery store and a tofu shop, she designs these incredible patterns which enter into the world printed and dyed into a range of products. From Kimonos, to candles and stationery, her striking monochrome patterns can be seen adorning anything from ceramics to stationery.

Using combinations of just circles and lines, she creates geometric patterns to striking effect. For her, it is not only a design challenge but a metaphor for the idea that a fulfilling life does not have to be complicated.

Fresh, simple and contemporary, Takahashi Hiroko is very Lagom.

Image Copyright Takahasi Hiroko
Image Copyright Takahasi Hiroko