29 March 2017

Stig Lindberg Ceramics

During his lifetime (1916 - 1982) he created everything from studio ceramics, tableware, linens and even a television set. His career lasted from about 1937 to 1980 during a "golden age" for Swedish industrial design. During his peak in the 1950s, his work could be found in every Swedish home. Although he died during the 1980s, his work has a contemporary feel and is still in great demand.

Stig Lindberg is perhaps best known for his table services like Berså with its stylised green leaves, as well as for the craft items that he produced at the Gustavsberg ceramic factory outside Stockholm. Alongside his striking patterns and charming tableware, he was also known for his sense of humour and surrealism. Although he set trends, he also liked to break them, keeping his work fresh and durable.