16 January 2020

Restaurant Princen Stockholm

Since it opened its doors over a century ago, Prinsen has attracted artists, writers and musicians with its classic Swedish cooking and cosy vibe. The wood panelled interior and ornate chandeliers add a touch of elegance to the fine dining experience, while the friendly service provides a more comfortable, laid back feel. This fusion creates an almost Bohemian atmosphere, good food without being pretentious.

The menu is peppered with classic Swedish ingredients such as venison, dill and Lingonberries with dishes from Tartar of Red Deer to meatballs. But regular diners here thoroughly recommend the Biff a La Rydberg, cubes of fried beef tenderloin , roasted potatoes and onions served with egg yolk. A hearty dish to warm the cockles on those cold, Nordic nights.

So if you're ever in Stockholm, pop in. It's still a hub for cultural events - you may just catch a poetry recital to accompany your Herring Supper. 

Restaurant Prinsen Mäster Samuelsgatan 4 SE 111 44 Stockholm Sweden