04 April 2019

Olivia Bullock

Olivia Bullock is a British artist, illustrator and writer living in the south of England. Her work is a fusion of ancient folklore, contemporary references and street style mixing fashion and anthropology to create challenging yet magical works of art. She uses a variety of mediums including watercolours, wax resist and sculpture.

Olivia is a versatile artist, and alongside works of art, she has produced giant installation collages for Bombay Sapphire, the cover for Steve Mason's album 'Meet the Humans', bottle labels for Miller Harris Perfume, commissions for Random House and the Barbican.

Wax relief designed for Burberry's Makers House

Fashion is a big inspiration for Olivia, and she was recently invited by 'Hole and Corner' magazine to host a workshop for Burberry at their Makers House. She also writes for the sartorial magazine 'The Chap' as their expert on snappily dressed youth movements from around the world.

You can follow Olivia Bullock's Work by visiting her Instagram @oliviajbullock