19 September 2017

Muehlbauer Hats

Over 100 years later Muehlbauer is now being run by the founders' descendant Klaus Mühlbauer in collaboration with designers Nora Berger and Madeleine Bujatti. Klaus designs hat collections of the finest quality, working with a highly skilled team of hat makers and milliners in his Viennese factory.

Making a fine quality hat from straw or felt is a highly skilled process and Mühlbauer use all of their expertise and experience following a series of processes for the perfect finish. Starting with the hat cone which is fixed to a hat block by hand, steamed and then dried in an oven. The hat is then finished by hand and trimmed by a specialist team.

Although the roots of the business are firmly based in Austria, Mühlbauer Hats supply some the best global stores from Japan to the U.S. The quality and style of the products have also captured the attention of celebrity customers such as Brad Pitt and Madonna. These hats certainly cut a dash with global and contemporary influences, mixing seamlessly with the traditional craftsmanship. From Mühlbauer turban Omar, created with a lightweight fine striped cotton to Karl, a trilby made from paper panama, all of their hats come in a large range of head sizes. Both stylish and well made all at once, hats off to Mühlbauer.