19 December 2019


Moonaa is the alias of Korean graphic artist Daehyun Kim, a graduate of Hongik University in Seoul. His studies in East Asian painting and Buddhism greatly influence his work which has gained an international and dedicated following. 

'I Want to Be Like I Wasn't There' Moonaa
'You are Beyond You' Moonaa

At first glance, his images may seem disturbing or depressing to the Western mind, but they are guided by the Buddhist theory of Kong (emptiness), which is not a negative concept. It does not mean a void but an understanding that suffering is the result of hankering after things in the belief that they are fixed and can be possessed either materially or by the ego. 

The characters that Moonaa paints are without identity; genderless, nameless and dressed in identical black clothing. A stark contrast to our ego fuelled Western media, where the ego is king. They are timeless and help Moonaa to explore the interconnectedness of all things.

'Into the Black' Insatllation by Moonaa

But it's not just about personal exploration. Moonaa is a celebrated illustrator who has created work for publications like the New York Times and products ranging from skincare to cameras. His use of negative spaces make his work both artistically and commercially appealing.