04 July 2019

Mari-Ruth Oda

Manchester-based Mari-Ruth Oda is a Japanese artist and designer. The Shinto tradition of worshipping nature informs her work and her sculptures reflect the peace and serenity found in such contemplation. She works in stoneware, resin and fibreglass to produce wall mounted installations and free-standing sculptures.

Be 在

"Inspired by the state of being, rather than doing. In the being state, there may be silence, serenity and contemplation. Through this work, I also tried to express an enveloping type of comfort one might get from one’s mother in childhood."

Cuboid With Folds - Mari-Ruth Oda

Before she begins a piece, she takes sketches from nature observing their natural forms, curves and repetitions. Her work is a simplification of what she sees, natural phenomena distilled into its purest form. Her sculptures are feminine and sensual, so it's no wonder she was commissioned by Myla to create the Pebble, an intimate toy for women. 

Mari - Ruth Oda's work is critically acclaimed, and she has exhibited internationally in galleries and museums including the V&A in London and events such as the Chelsea Flower Show