26 May 2021

Luke Stephenson

Photographer Luke Stephenson tells a narrative of life in Britain and the British psyche through his personal portraits and modern still life images. 

After graduating from Blackpool and The Flyde College in 2005, Stephenson went on to win the Jerwood prize the following year with his portrait series 'Spectacle Wearing Folk'. The collection of images followed a yearbook type format, featuring a catalogue of people adorning glasses, speculating the way in which we assume ones character through their choice of eyewear. 

Luke continues to create perfectly mundane and beautifully eccentric photographs, with series' such as 'An Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds', '7122 Cornflakes in a Box' and '99x99s'Whilst polished and masterful, his work has gained notoriety for its raw and campy attitude and has been published by the likes of  New York Times Magazine, The Guardian and Dazed & Confused to name a few.