05 March 2020

Looking Back to the Future: Vintage Surrealism for the 21st Century

This young, digital artist creates miniature stories that instantly capture your attention and hold your gaze. His Instagram account has attracted over 18,000 followers, an account dedicated to his very own brand of 'Contemporary Surrealism'. 

Flow - Copyright Bruno Boraldi

Surrealism as a concept is nearly 100 years old, but its playfulness and ability to allow the artist to work beyond the constraints of reason is still as engaging today as it ever was. Baraldi plays with the concept of size , creating tiny people dwarfed by everyday objects, or giant people who can hold the moon like a ball, towering above the natural world.

Early Winter - Copyright Bruno Baraldi

Although many of his images explore outer space and technology, the colours, aesthetics and lifestyles depicted have a retro feel; as though people from the past are living in a future we have not yet reached. He achieves his vintage look by truffling through old magazines and postcards, creating collages with whatever takes his fancy. The results are dreamlike and full of fantasy, encapsulating the sophistication of the 1950s and childlike wonder. He's certainly one to watch.

If you'd like to see more of Bruno Baraldi's images follow him on Instagram @takiisbranding