24 November 2014

Cire Trudon Candlemakers

As with all the scents created by this luxury candle maker, they are elegantly presented and wonderfully intoxicating. The three scents, Bethléem, Gabriel, and Nazareth have a nose of familiar holiday notes such as pine, chestnut and cinnamon and are each encased in a strikingly vibrant, hand-blown glass vessel.

The note breakdown for each scent is as follows: Bethléem has tones of pepper, cardamom, saffron, cedar and amber. Nazareth has notes of cinnamon, cloves, and bourbon vanilla. And finally, Gabriel (our favourite) has notes of chestnut, birch wood, moss and cedar. All candles are available in three different sizes from Cire Trudon or at Hostem, Redchurch Street, London.

Photo Credits: Cire Trudon