31 October 2019

Life is Sweet in Seville

La Colchona was named after its founder Doña Micaela who had the affectionate nickname La Colchona (the witch). During the winter months she would help with the slaughter of the pigs and used the remaining butter to make mantecados, traditional Spanish Christmas biscuits. Her recipes were such a success that the business she founded is still going strong five generations later. 

LA COLCHONA Workers making products by hand in the 1930s

The biscuits and sweets they sell here are still made by hand in the village of Estepa. Recipes and traditions have been passed down through the generations, and they still use a traditional wood-fired oven to bring out a unique roasted flavour.  

Delicious, fresh Ingredients such as almonds, lemon, sesame, cloves and cocoa are used to create small biscuits and pastries which are individually wrapped into bites size pieces. It is believed that the recipes have Moorish and Medievil roots and the mantecados are now a Spanish tradition as popular as the British mince pie.

The Colchona factory is just one of the many premises creating Spain's seasonal treats and contributes to the local economy at a time of high unemployment in the region. When you visit La Colchona for a sweet bite you are not only buying biscuits, you are biting in to a piece of history and tradition as well as keeping a village economy alive.