06 May 2017

Fémme Packaging Pearlfisher

A brand called 'Fémme' is challenging the taboo surrounding feminine hygiene products. Although used by 70% of women in the west, tampons in China are laden with negative connotations and are believed to cause the loss of virginity.

Created by Chinese company Yoai with the help of brand design company Pearlfisher, 'Fémme' is an elegant, sophisticated, feminine product - subtle yet empowering. The package design is simply beautiful and marries the delicate hues of soft pastels with the Chinese character of womanhood embossed in bold red. What this product design achieves is the elevation of a simple, everyday product into something high end and classic.

'Fémme' is a great example of how great design can challenge perceptions and shape the way we see and interact with everyday products. A far cry from the brash colours and feminine hygiene branding we see in the West.