15 May 2019

Eyewear to Make You Stop and Stare

Based in sunny Los Angeles, Jacques Marie Mage (JMM) create limited edition artisanal eyewear. Taking inspiration from bygone eras JMM take bold classic shapes and create glasses and sunglasses and with a contemporary twist.

Trixie Frame, Phase 1 Colourway

The eyewear created by JMM is a far cry from the off the peg plastic items mass produced for the fast fashion market. They combine world-class craftsmanship with advanced production methods to create small-batch goods made to last.

“Our obsession with quality demands that we utilize only the most precious materials, develop the most innovative hardware, and partner with the most respectable eyewear manufacturers in the world in order to create a rarefied product that embodies a perfect balance of form, function, and fairness.”

JMM only work with the most skilled manufacturers from Japan and Italy who use the finest materials, including mineral glass lenses, gold and silver detailing and custom rivets. Each pair of glasses comes with a certificate including a limited edition serial number and craftsman's signature. 

Nakatsugawa, Japan

Beautifully designed and finely crafted, each of pair of glasses passes through 200 pairs of specialists hands before they reach the customer. Exceptional optical products to make you look and feel wonderful.

Fascination Street Frame in Ivory Colourway