19 November 2019

Design to Save the Planet

'Life is full of surprises, mysteries, unforgettable moments, awesome food and so many other experiences worth celebrating and sharing. Unfortunately, these things won't be here for long, not if we continue to live the way we do. We want to make people aware of how easy it is to help the planet by changing everyday habits and taking small actions. If we stay the same, things won’t be the same.'

Many of us are experiencing 'eco-anxiety' but have no idea what we can do to help beat the climate emergency. Two illustrators based in Barcelona however, decided to do what they do best and use illustration as a tool for change. Susie Hammer and Ro Ledesma have teamed up with other illustators to create No Planet No Fun and use the power of images to help change our lifestyle choices.

Screenprinted Trush Longsleeve by Laser - One of the NPNF donation rewards.

Illustrators have been asked to share images that represent what they most love about life. These images will become part of a Risography exhibition in Barcelona on 12th December raising money for environmental research. Accompanying the exhibition will also be a book printed using the risography technique, a more environmentally friendly printing method using vegetable inks and less energy.

But they need your help. NPNF has launched a crowdfunding campaign to make their movement a reality. They've been working really hard to produce some sustainable goodies as rewards for your donations.To find out more and how to donate, pop over to their crowdfunding page and remember, no planet no fun.