20 September 2017

Chen Winner Illustration

Chen Winner's graduation project from the Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design in Jerusalem 'Innerviews', received critical acclaim and since then she has been considered one to watch. Her work as a printmaker has great influence on her work as an animator, using just a few colours to imitate silkscreen technique on abstract colour surfaces.

Her characters are roughly hewn but brought to life with just a few carefully observed movements and details. The stillness created with blocks of primary colour are animated with the movement of a smoking cigarette, the rippling of water, her animations flicker like an old t.v set. Her work is simple, yet deep and complex at the same time. It is this fusion of simple shapes and colour palettes with philosophy and myth which make them incredibly powerful.

Chen has recently been awarded a World Illustration award for the animation 'Econundrum', in the new talent category. Her images are bold, dynamic and certainly stop you in your tracks.