23 November 2019

Bringing Nature Home

London Terrariums was born from a love of gardening and good design. Like many Londoners, it was difficult to indulge their passion without a garden, so they took their love of houseplants and founded a business dedicated to the Terrarium.

Terrarium in a demijohn - Image by London Terrarium

A terrarium is a little garden housed in an open or closed vessel. A miniature landscape protected from the outside elements, in which the plants and minerals used can interact and grow as if they are in their natural ecosystems.

Terrariums from the 1970s

You may not recognise the name, but they have a long history becoming popular in the 19th Century and making a comeback in the 1970s. Alongside rattan furniture, they are making another comeback and it's not just a consumer fad; people really want to get their hands dirty with a spot of urban gardening.

Planting a terrarium - Image by London Terrariums

London Terrarium not only sells the paraphernalia of this craft, but they also run workshops on how to build your own terrarium in demijohns and boiling flasks as well as talking you through the fascinating history of this botanical marvel. 

If you'd like to bring a bit of nature into your home, a terrarium may just bring a little green to your winter blues.

London Terrariums Shop and Studio,106a New Cross Road, London SE14 5BA