29 November 2019

Born of a Subconscious Mind - The Works of Stephen Ormandy

Stephen Ormandy is an artist and sculptor from Melbourne, Australia. His work is featured in exhibitions at key galleries and museums including the Olsen Gruin New York.

Ormandy is fascinated with the process of making art. From the products he designs for his lifestyle company Dinosaur Designs, to his artistic installations, he is dedicated to the exploration of colour and form.

Homewares by Dinosaur Designs

Inspired by Matisse's artistic methods, he uses the technique of paper cutting as a starting point for his work. Ormandy cuts shapes from coloured paper and arranges them to explore tone colour and form. He then photographs the images as a reference for his large-scale oil paintings. The result is abstract pieces full of colour, line and curve. A play of positive and negative space.

Paintings by Stephen Ormandy

But Ormandy is not just a painter; the work he does in this medium informs his sculptural work. He works with resin as a way of painting in 3D and has created an 'alphabet' of shapes producing collages that create 'sculptural moments.' Sculptures that can be enjoyed from every angle are a vital element of his work.

Resin Sculpture by Steven Ormandy

As an artist, Stephen Ormandy is constantly developing his visual language. From objects to interiors, from 2 to 3D - watch this space.