05 June 2019

A Batman a Day

It's a tough life for super heroes, fighting the forces of evil and saving the world, so do they ever relax, partake in human activities. Swiss photographer Sebastian Magnani put his creative powers to work and created the story of the man beyond the mask.

Working out - image by Sebastian Magnani

Batman is 80 this year, and it's hard to believe how much he's achieved without possessing any superpowers. Perhaps this is why people love him, his human quality, the vulnerability under the black bat disguise.

Catching some rays - image by Sebastian Magnani

Batman a Day sees the superhero undertaking ordinary human activities in Zurich, a far cry from the mean streets of Gotham city. After weeks of sketching, watching Batman movies and location scouting, Magnani has produced a series of images that tell a witty and emotional story.

Paying his respects - image by Sebastian Magnani

A man like any other who goes to the gym and reads the paper with a coffee, but the images go much deeper than a humorous depiction of a superheroes day off. Magnani's skills as a portrait photographer have enabled him to show the lonely and dark side to being a hero, be it a comic character or a real man.

A troubled man - image by Sebastian Magnani