28 April 2015

Koji Tomato

Koji Tomato most commonly know as Cozy Tomato is an Illustrator born in Osaka, Japan. After working for design and game companies he began work as a freelance illustrator. Cozy's artwork is popular worldwide and can be found on postcards, fabric and bank cards. He also illustrates articles and books. His past work includes Monocle Magazine's 'Monocle's Cosy Index' and online blogs such as MR PORTER's Journal. Clients also include Panasonic, Uniqlo, the Japanese Post Office and McDonalds.

Cozy's illustrations are full of smiling faces playing, eating together and taking pleasure in the little things in life. He told us that he is inspired by European children's illustration of the 50's and 60's especially the work of Alain Gree and Dick Bruna, full of clean shapes, strong blocks of colour and a pervading sense that all is right in the world. Here are just a few of the things that make life Cozy.

What music are you listening to at the moment?

"I'm currently listening to Bossa Nova: Joao Gilberto, Queens, Eagles, Jackson Brown and Cheep Trick."

What is your favourite book?

"My favourite book of the moment is Manga comic book 'Kingdom' illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara."

What is your most recent find?

“A ceramic from fox from Jonathan Adler. It is beautiful in 360 degrees. I want to create an illustration like his work, everlasting beauty.”

What is your favourite city?

"My favourite city is Paris. I find everything so fashionable, the city, the people, the cars and billboards, even a blowzy gentleman.

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