08 September 2014

Daniel Frost

This month we get up close with the superb London based illustrator, Daniel Frost. Daniel studied at Manchester Metropolitan University before completing an MA at The Royal College of Art. His work draws inspiration from the magical, weird and wonderful resulting in playful characters often caught in a moment of action. Recent clients include Tate Britain, Tank, Meat Magazine and just recently a collaboration with ourselves on a greeting card collection.

Who is your favourite artist?

"I have a lot of artists who I admire, but I think the biggest influence on my work has been Quentin Blake. I recently went his exhibition at newly opened House of Illustration and It’s was incredible! His drawings are amazing in his books, but seeing his original drawing’s in the flesh is something else, they are so full of life and energy. Definitely worth a look if you're in London."

What was your earliest ambition?

"To draw pictures for a living."

“I recently brought a toy in Bangkok that came in a sausage. It's amazing! you just put the sausage in a bowl of water, it disintegrates and all that’s left is a cute little elephant – it's ACE!”

Favourite City?

"I have two, London and Copenhagen. These both have special places in my heart."

What book are you reading?

"I’m reading two books at the moment, which are both written by Osamu Tezuka. The first is Ode to Kirihito (a very gripping medical drama) and the other is his Phoenix series (which is a collection of 12 books, so I’m going to be reading it for a while)."