04 July 2019

Tobias Saul

This month we are delighted to introduce hand lettering artist Tobias Saul.

Since his student days Tobias Saul has followed his love of custom lettering and type design. His work is full of intricate detail, from vintage-inspired filagree ornamental pieces to fresh, modern designs. As well as branding work, poster illustration and editorial work, he is also working on his own typeface collections.

Tobias' meticulous lettering techniques are the perfect match for Lagom and we’ve just launched a range of greetings cards featuring his beautiful designs. Being one of our European designers, we wanted to find out a little bit more about where he lives and works.

Tobias Saul grew up in the countryside near Dortmund, a city in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany. He is the youngest of five children and describes his childhood home with great affection.

“Our house once belonged to a farmer so it is surrounded by woods and cornfields – a really peaceful place in the heart of nature. I think even though I live in a city today, I feel more attracted to quieter rural places. I love being at the sea or going on a hike in the mountains. That’s much more enjoyable for me than any city.”

Image by Tobias Saul

Tobias left this rural idyll to pursue his education and career and now lives in Dusseldorf. Although this city by the Rhine is the second largest city in the state, it is full of lush greenery and Tobias feels right at home.

“I really love this city because it has some really beautiful places like the Rhine promenade as well as a wide range of cultural institutions, like museums of art and similar. And although it is a city, it is still very quiet and relaxed, what I really enjoy.”

Although he’s a country boy at heart, he has found his home in this wonderful city. Here are some of his top tips for places to visit in Dusseldorf.

Where is your favourite place to eat?

"There is a really nice Arabic restaurant in our city called ArabesQ. The food is delicious, the people are super friendly and the place is just paradisiacal - I always kind of feel far from home.

Image by ArabesQ

ArabesQ, Ludenbergerstr, Grafenberg, Dusseldorf, Germany

Where do you like to shop for furniture?

“I mainly prefer vintage furniture. I like it when things have a kind of past life story. It doesn’t have to fit all together, I prefer beautiful individual items than one particular style of furnishing. I also like to hang my walls with images or posters from artists I admire or pictures which inspire me in some way.We have a big flea market in Düsseldorf near the trade fair grounds called 'Messe Flohmarkt‘. I guess most of my furniture and home decor is from there. Also there are two shops I really like, 69m2 and Vaseline."

Image by Shamim Nakhaei

Do you have a favourite art gallery/museum?

"It has to be the Kunstpalast, it has everything"

Kunstpalast has the largest collection of objects in Germany consisting of over 100,000 objects. From Rubens to contemporary artists, here you will find paintings, sculptures and graphics from the Middle Ages through to the modern day.

KUNSTPALAST, Ehrenhof 4-5 40479 Düsseldorf

If you are feeling romantic, where is your favourite place to take your girlfriend on a date?

"I'm happy everywhere my girlfriend is, but we love a stroll along the Rhine Promenade."

A wonderful place to watch the ships pass by and see the sun setting over the Oberkassel  river. Indulge in a glass of locally brewed beer and watch the world go by. 

You seem very happy in Dusseldorf but is there anywhere else you'd love to live and work?

"I would really enjoy working in a little house next to the sea, maybe Bretagne or something. That’s my dream for a long time."

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