04 July 2019

Paul Fuentes

He's picked some of his favourite things to share with us, from street food to magical towns, here are some of his top tips.

Can you recommend a place to eat?

"There are thousands of good restaurants, but as a good Mexican, street food tacos, al pastor is always a good option."

Paul is partial to the street food dish Tacos al pastor ("shepherd style").This is Mexican dish largely influenced by Christian Lebanese immigrants to Mexico. Based on shawarma spit-grilled meat similar to the Turkish döner kebab but pork based. The meat is sliced and served on a tortilla with onions, pineapple, chilli and coriander.

Image by Paul Fuentes

Where do you go for a drink?

"There is a seafood chain restaurant called Fisher´s - great food and friendly vibe for having a drink. Perfect location for brunch with friends that will end up as a party."

Can you think of a hidden treasure?

"Well, I believe Mexico City itself is a hidden treasure for foreigners. And there are places called Magical Towns all over the country, and they have a special vibe.My favourite Magical town is San Miguel de Allende just 2 hours from the city. 

San Miguel in Allende

Do you have a favourite paper/stationery shop?

"Fantasias Miguel has a lot of materials to work with your hands. I buy most of my stuff there."

Paul Fuentes shopping for paper

Can you think of a finer detail of architecture or design that you love in your city?

"Sure, the colourful pastel houses, this block of colours that tell a story influence my work and my feed on Instagram."

What's your favourite local word?

"Coyotito (means baby coyote) but means have a nap or siesta."

Do you have a favourite gallery/museum

Soumaya. I Love the architecture.

The Soumaya private museum in Mexico City by Priscilla Flores

What's your happy place?

"I like to walk around the Condesa neighbourhood. The hipster place with nice boutique stores and restaurants."

A street in Condesa

We'd like to thank Paul Fuentes for sharing some of his city highlights with us.

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