09 October 2019

Molly Egan

This month sees our launch of a new collection of greeting cards by artist and designer Molly Egan. 

Molly Egan is an exciting artist and designer based in South Philadelphia. Inspired by folk art, ephemera and contemporary culture, her work is full of strong, quirky women and bold florals. She creates her images using paint, pencil and print, from large scale murals to pin badges her work is always full of colour and originality. Past clients have included Disney, Samsung, and Aperol. 

She put down her paintbrushes and pencils and despite the time difference, gave us an insight into her fabulous work.

Split - A Hand painted animation by Molly Egan

Hi Molly, we really love your work here at Lagom HQ, it has a naughty,  irreverent feel, I bet you were cheeky in school!

"Ha! I actually consider myself someone that always stays in line, because I HATE getting in trouble or getting yelled at. I was never a big rule breaker in school. Though, I will definitely say, I am a very outspoken person and have a tendency to put my foot in my mouth. So, I’m definitely cheeky in that way!"

Playlist for Issue 44 of Oh Comely Magazine by Molly Egan

Vibrant, current and lighthearted, your art is full of cross-cultural references including folk art. What is it about folk art that you love so much?

"I first began drawing in shape/simple forms in my sophomore year of college when I took a screen printing class. Learning that process really ended up changing my work, leading to my deep interest in folk art. The attraction to folk art is not only because of the interesting use of shape, but the use of colour and patterning as well. "

64 by Molly Egan

And words, you seem to love playing with words too. How important are words in your work and how do you keep in touch with current memes and slang?

"I love adding fun words in my work. Especially once I got an iPad, experimenting with lettering and finding my personal lettering style became much easier. I guess you can say I stay on top of things by being a scroller. I’m definitely guilty of doing lots of scrolling through social media in bed when I wake up, when commercials are on, and before bed (yes, I know this is bad for your sleep)."

Getting ready by Molly Egan

The thing we immediately noticed when we were looking at your designs at Lagom HQ, was how your women do not conform to the image of the 'perfect woman' - is this important to you?

"So important! A “perfect woman” isn’t really of interest to me. I like spending time with intelligent, fun women who know what they have to offer the world. I feel like that translates into the women that I draw."

Caring for plants by Molly Egan

Your work is full of equality and empowerment - who are your 21st century heroes?

"Politically, I’m a huge supporter of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth Warren. We are going through some pretty tough times in the United States, and honestly, the world. Women in politics like AOC and Elizabeth Warren make me have some hope things will turn around. Also, maybe it sounds silly, but I’m a massive Mary Berry fan. In my adult life, I’ve gotten really into baking and love making pies, breads, and savoury bakes for my friends and family. She is so positive, inspiring, and talented. Again, it’s a tough world, having someone like Mary Berry in it helps."

100 Days of Mini Sketchbooks by Molly Egan

What's in store for the future? Are you still doing your sketchbooks?

"Of course, I’m always drawing in my sketchbooks! I feel like a lot of things ebb and flow as a freelancer, but sketchbooks are a constant I can always count on. Right now, I’m working on two books, ceramics, and a variety of shorter term illustration projects. I’m hoping to create some new products for my shop (like pins, patches, and t-shirts) before the holidays. I’m excited about what I’m working on and hope to keep making fun things!

We'd like to thank Molly for taking the time to answer our questions.

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