11 April 2019

Jennifer Bouron

This month we are delighted to introduce you to one of our new illustrators, Jennifer Bouron. Her quirky illustrations of chic ladies and their pets are bold and naive with a strong colour palette. The designs she has created for us are a fun addition to our greeting card ranges. We wanted to know what inspires her work and find out a little more about the artist herself.

Jennifer grew up in the West of France. A tranquil place in the countryside in a house surrounded by trees. It was here that her life as an artist began.

When did you start drawing?

Illustration by Jennifer Bouron

"I think I have always drawn. I still have my school books from when I was 5. I have very clear memories about this time. I remember that I liked to draw but my drawings were not as good as my classmates, it is funny to remember this feeling. My grandfather draws a lot also, I have always seen him doodling some Mickey Mouse or cowboys on the newspapers, I think he inspired me when I was a kid."

From an early age, Jennifer wanted to become a fashion designer. So after studying applied art at high school, she studied fashion at Atelier Chardon Savard in Nantes, a city in the West of France.

Where did you study art and how did this help your artistic development?

Fabric print design for Kitty Bunny Pony

"During these years, I realised I didn’t want to work for a luxury brand in Paris I preferred kidswear; it was more playful, and more suitable for my mindset. I didn’t want to work for a luxury brand in Paris. Then after two years in this school, I decided to do one more year at university to learn about print design. It was a big discovery for me, and I really enjoyed this new skill."

It's obvious from your work, that fashion is a great inspiration, are there any designers that particularly inspire you?

Fabric print design for Lazzari

"Yes, fashion has been very important in my journey. It is actually one of my main inspirations. I have been influenced by Japanese designers like Yohji Yamamoto or Rei Kawakubo. I also love Valentino, the garments are so beautiful, they are pieces of art.I am very inspired by Sonia Delaunay, her patterns are very modern, and I love how she mixed the colours. Henri Matisse is also a big inspiration for me; his paintings of women and his paper cut works. Finally, Yayoi Kusama is also one of my favourite artists."

Yayoi Kusama

Your work is full of stylish, independent women, are there any particular women that inspire your work, that you admire.

Fabric print design for Lucy and Yak

"Thank you! Actually I don’t really have one particular woman that I admire. I think I admire women that accept who they are and they love their 'non-perfect' bodies and the person that they are."

Your ladies also seem to like pets, and I think we can guess which one you have?

Illustration by Jennifer Bouroun

"Yes, I have a cat! His name is Gasper, he’s a Turkish cat, very cute but also quite grumpy!"

We love the cats, the colours are great. Tell us about your use of colour and the way you work?

"I started my colour palette with 3 colours, pink, red and navy. Now my palette has evolved, but pink and navy are still the main colours I use. Pink looks great with any other colours, that’s why I love it so much. For me, colours are almost the most important thing when I make an illustration or a pattern. So, that’s why I have made a colour palette that I can use at any time. " I have notebooks that I use to draw anything when I have free time. I use those sketches as inspiration when I want to make a new illustration. When I have an idea, I usually start to sketch it on paper. After that, I scan it and open Photoshop. I use my paper sketch as a template, and I draw my final illustration on Photoshop.

And finally, which tool could you not do without?

I do like technology, but if I have to keep one tool, it would be a pencil. It's easy to bring everywhere."

We'd like to thank Jennifer for taking the time out to chat to us. If you'd like to see more...

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