29 April 2021

Anna Glover

Anna Glover heads a multi-award winning design studio in London specialising in luxury wallcoverings and surface design. Her blend of innovative and traditional themes and methods have caught the attention of designers worldwide. Since setting up her studio in 2015, she has been awarded a British Elle Decoration award, House Beautiful editor's award and launched a global collaboration with H&M

Our early years can really shape our creativity. How did your family influence your work?

My Dad is an electronics consultant, and he works on really cool innovative projects from submarines to surgical lasers. My Mum is an amazing teacher, and she read us myths and folk stories from all over the world. Both these things have really influenced my work as my work always aims to celebrate art, storytelling and innovation.

Your work is full of gorgeous botanics. Do you sketch out in the wild like the old botanical artists? Do you have a favourite botanical garden?

I wish this were true! I very rarely sketch from life these days, but yes, I absolutely love visiting gardens. One really fun one is the botanical gardens on Lokrum island, Croatia. It's the perfect day trip from Dubrovnik.

Your work is traditional yet modern at the same time, how do you make your designs contemporary and relevant?

I have a background in fashion and trend forecasting, so I still love to do a lot of research and collecting. I think the trick is to be aware of what's going on to make sure you are pushing things beyond this.

Image by Damien Russell

You've designed for interiors, H & M and even Beyonce. Is there a contemporary or historical person you would like to design for?

I think my dream project would be to work on a boutique hotel in a beautiful old building, preferably somewhere hot, please. I'd love to work with Casa Josephine or Studio Shamshiri. If I ever do another fashion collaboration, I have my fingers crossed for menswear prints for Dries Van Noten.

Many artists and designers work alone, but you run a highly successful studio. What's the secret to running a creative business, is there much compromise?

There are currently three of us working at the moment, but the team has been bigger and smaller over the years. I can't claim to know any secrets, and yes, there is so much compromise, but I can't imagine doing anything else.

How has lockdown affected your creativity?

I really miss galleries and meeting with clients; it's always so much better to bounce ideas off other people and see new things. Online is amazing, but it can never replace seeing art in real life.

Lockdown has been hard for everyone, do you have you any quick tips on how to make one's home more beautiful during lockdown?

I'm terrible; I make other people's homes more beautiful as a job, but I'm no domestic goddess. If I were to give a tip, it would be to invest in good mood lighting as I think this has the biggest impact on a space. I love a low floor lamp and candles in the evening as it helps transform the space once I've finished work.

Image by Annabel Elston

What advice would you give a young design student studying at home during lockdown?

I'm working as a student mentor at the moment, and it's such a tough time. I'd recommend making the most of online courses and using the time to learn new skills. I think it's also important to stay as connected with peers as possible, even though this is really hard.

What's next - have you any exciting projects coming up?

Yes, I'm working on some beautiful interiors spaces and a very exciting online course coming soon.

Quick Fire Qs

Where do you call home?

London and at the moment Walthamstow (The Leyton marsh side).

Can you give a top tip for visitors to your home town, a hidden gem or favourite shop?

Well London is a ghost town right now, but when it's back to life I'd recommend a visit to Novelty Automation. It's an amazing arcade centre filled with homemade satirical machines.

What book are you reading at the moment?

Bernardino Evaristo's 'Girl, Woman, Other', I am loving it!

What artists/designers tool could you not live without?

This is a boring answer but it's Photoshop. I've been using it for over 17 years and still learn new things all the time. I couldn't work without it.

We'd like to thank Anna for taking time out of her busy schedule to chat to us. If you'd like to see her exclusive collection for us VISIT